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Appropriate Mature Pictures

LessonPix now offers a restricted section including pictures appropriate for use in instructional settings where images are difficult to find.  For example:

  • Bathrooming and Toileting
  • Reproduction and Sexuality
  • Puberty Issues
  • and other Mature Subjects

These images are included in our standard library with no extra charge.  Subscribers can find the entire collection in the Restricted Images category.

Due to their sensitive nature, we don't provide access to these pictures to the general public.  However, you can get a full list of the titles and the subjects by visiting the Restricted Images category .

Keeping Mature Images from Immature Eyes

To ensure that teachers are comfortable using LessonPix in their classrooms without young people accessing these pictures, we have provided three options for our users:

  1. Never Show Restricted Images: these pictures  will not return on any searches and cannot be found by browsing the library
  2. Always Show Restricted Images: great for times when our users are not in an environment with children
  3. Ask Every Time (default): images will be hidden behind a cover image unless the user enters their password.

Users can change this setting on by visiting the Your LessonPix page and clicking "Edit" in their User Information section:

Help us Improve this Resource!

Our Restricted Images are a new addition to LessonPix, and we plan on adding dozens of new symbols as we roll out the section.  Please let us know how we can make this list better by making a suggestion via the Image Request Form or email us at