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There's A Bear On My Chair - by Ross Collins

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Looking for rhyming practice or final /r/ practice? This cute book tells the story of a mouse who uses many /air/ rhymes to vent his anger about the bear on his chair. The illustrations are expressive and funny - you'll smile the whole way through. 

Let's share some activities for this adorable book! 


Story Vocabulary

  • Review some story vocabulary before you read. Talk about what the words mean and notice how they may sound the same. 

Articulation /r/ Practice

  • Let's play Go Fish! using vocab from this cute book...

  • Bingo with /air/ in all positions

  • Find the /air/ pictures


Rhyming Games

  • Here are 3 piece puzzle cards that rhyme. 

  • Clothespin Cards - place a clothespin, clip, playdough ball, bingo dauber, or chip on the picture that rhymes with the bigger picture.