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Story Activities for

If You Take A Mouse To The Movies 

by Laura Numeroff

Following the circular narrative pattern from her book, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie", Laura Numeroff creates this silly story for the holidays with fun vocabulary and delightful illustrations. Check out these visuals and activities to support this holiday book. 



This book focuses on vocabulary related to the Christmas season, including tree, ornaments, decorate, and snowman. Hunt and match vocabulary cards or display on a word wall for reading and writing reference.


Create Playdough Mats by laminating this "main idea mat" template. Students can talk about story vocabulary as they play with playdough. 


Or play a game of Bingo, I Have Who Has, or a board game to practice saying story vocabulary. 


Use fringe vocabulary board with a core board as you read and discuss. 



Students mark only the items in the story using this bingo dauber template. 


Story Sequence

Follow the story sequence using visual supports. Use the Circular Narrative template as a visual to help retell the story or as a visual during a read-aloud second reading. 

Check out other visuals to support retelling the sequence. Mark each item as you read. 




Retell the story my printing this puppet and attch to a popsicle stick. 



Practice writing story vocabulary

Students can draw and write about their favorite part of the story


Compare Story

Compare the layout and vocabulary to the book, "If You Take A Mouse To School" by Laura Numeroff. What woul dhappen if you took a mouse to the Bowling Alley or the Playground? 



Take the mouse through parts of the story while completing the maze. This promotes story vocabulary and visual perceptual skills. 


Phonological Awareness

Color or deorate the tree with M Words. 


Count the Syllables in the Story Vocabulary



Check out these other activities to use with the story. 



Have fun reading and learning together!