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Story Activities for 

If You Give A  Mouse A Cookie

by Laura Numeroff

This popular story sequences vocabulary relating to a child's life until it circles back to the beginning. Teachers use this book to teach vocabulary, sequencing, and the circular narrative writing format. Kids just delight in the fun!



Review story vocabulary. Place on a word wall or match words to pages in the book. 



Play with story vocabulary in a Bingo game: 


Or play a game of "I Have Who Has"


Story Visuals 

Retell story with a flannel board using picture vocabulary.  


Story Sequencing

Talk about the sequence of events in the story to teach order: first, next, before, after, last...


Sequence the items in a story train puzzle, 

Or sequence with a board game.




Support communication with core and fringe. Place fringe vocabulary from a story above a core board if using and modeling aac. 



Most of all, just have fun learning and playing together!