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How to Catch the Easter Bunny by Adam Wallace

Similar to his book, "How to Catch a Leprechaun", Adam Walllace delights young readers with creative ways to trick the Easter Bunny. This book is filled with beautiful descriptions and fun rhymes, and sparks ideas of building a trap to catch the Easter Bunny. 

Here are some activities and visuals to use with this springtime story. 


Build a Trap

Before you read (or after), talk about how you can catch the Easter Bunny. Have students design a trap and tell how it works.

Read the story and see if the author shows a similar trap. 



This book is loaded with imagery and rich vocabulary. Display new words to reference while reading or use in writing activities. 




Who are the characters in the story? Hold character puppets as you read the story. 



The rhymes in this book make it more fun to read. Students can look for the words that rhyme or match the rhyming pairs. 


Auditory Discrimination

Use these K and T baskets with the egg pictures to have students practice auditory discrimination and sound production/vocabulary with this simple activity.  Use your printer settings to print the eggs smaller by printing multiple pages on one sheet. The students name the picture and sort by beginning sound into the appropriate basket.  If you have a mixed group, they can also practice spelling the words, describing it for someone else to guess, naming other items in the same category, etc.  If you have an active group, you can hide the eggs around the room, split into teams, tell where they found it and then put in the correct basket or hide the eggs in plastic eggs and do the same with real baskets.




Have students use the given verb from the story in a sentence and draw a picture to illustrate their sentence. There are 9 here.


Guess where the Easter Bunny is hiding based on his disguise! Compare and contrast hiding places or images in this other simple activity.



Reading: Pratice reading the repetitive text to tell WHO has the egg and then follow or give directions as to where to place the egg.  There are extra eggs at the back of the book to cut out.




Match the bunny feeling faces

Using plastic Easter eggs, snap together tops and bottoms to match the cards. 




Make a bunny mask. Cut out the bunny face and holes for the eyes. Students color their bunny and attach to a craft stick. 


Work on Flexible Thinking

Discuss that flexible thinking requires a person to "go with the flow" and "adjust their plan" as things don't always go the way you want.  Brain storm some situations where this has happened or may happen. Use the templates below with previously cut out bunny parts in corresponding colors.  The students roll the dice and collect the parts according to the roll.  They may not change parts.  The students glue their bunny parts together to make a "silly" bunny.  This can be difficult for some students as it requires flexible thinking when not making a traditional bunny.  



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