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Groundhog's Day Off by Robb Pearlman

Check out this adorable story for Groundhog Day, "Groundhog's Day Off" by Robb Pearlman. When Groundhog takes a vacation, the townspeople recognize how special Groundhog is and learn to ask questions that show they care. The themes of this book focus on appreciation and asking questions. Check out this YouTube video of this story. 

Here are some activities to use with this delightful February story: 



Here are some word wall vocabulary words from the story. 




Here are multiple choice comprehension questions to ask as you read the story. 



Questions about a person can show you care. Ask a friend questions to learn more about who they are. 



What do you think the groundhog will predict? 


Write news story about the Groundhog and his shadow. 


Groundhog Songs

Here is a groundhog song to the tune of "Itsy Bitsy Spider".

YouTube Videos with Groundhog songs for kids: 

The Groundhog Song (Calm and good for young kids)

Groundhog Day by Dr. Jean (She's the best!)

Little Groundhog Kindergarten Song

The Groundhog's Day Song by Daria

The Groundhog Galop from MusicK8


Visual Perceptual Skills / Matching

Match the groundhog with its shadow. 

Use scanning skills to find the groundhogs hidden in the picture. 


Memory Matching

Play a Memory Game using these Groundhog feelings. Cut out these hearts and place them face down. Turn over 2 at a time and try to find a match. Find all the matching pairs and you win. 

For a bigger challenge, match the Groundhog with its shadow in a memory concentration game. 


Alphabet Knowledge

G is for Groundhog! Decorate this G mat. 

Laminate a playdough mat with a letter g. Can you make a G with playdough? 

Practice sounding out and spelling "groundhog".

Groundhog starts with 2 consonants that blend together. Ask students if they can name the consonants. What other words start with /gr/? Make a list to see how many words you can think of that start with GR

Play games with words that have GR.



Discuss fun facts about groundhogs. 


Art Ideas

Color these groundhogs with paints or multimedia (paper, fur, watercolor, etc). 

Or cut them out and use them as a stencil to make a shadow. 

Place a groundhog on a craft stick and cut make him pop up out of a cup. 


Use a paper plate to make a groundhog, grass, and his shadow. 


More about Groundhog Day

Groundhogs for Kids

This video teaches about Groundhog Day.