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"There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Frog" by Lucille Colandro

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Lucille Colandro's ever famous "Old Lady Stories" engage young readers with rhythm, rhyme, imagery, and fun. Let's look at visuals and activities for her spring garden theme based on this "Frog" version. 



Start with an OLD LADY.

There are many "feed the Old Lady" products and crafts for retelling these stories. Using the "Large and Small Picture" Template, I cut out the Old Lady and taped her on a coffee can. Using a razor knife, I cut out her mouth for the students to feed her the picture cards from various versions. 


Review New Vocabulary

Review story vocabulary such as "rake" and "spring". You may show physical examples along with picture cards to support vocabulary development and comprehension. 



Visuals support memory and comprehension. As you read, feed the old lady the vocabulary words or follow along with a fun visual. 

Ask comprehension questions as you read or following the story. 



After reading the story, students love the opportunity to play with the story.


Retelling Props

Use visuals to help retell this fun story. 


Color your own mini-version book

Place pictures on craft sticks to make stick puppets!


Sequence The Story

Can you recall the sequence of the items that the old lady swallowed? 


Play with Story Vocabulary

Create games that use story vocabulary to practice playing with new words. Encourage conversations about the book. 




Match the word with its picture. 

Vocabulary word cards


Build your own sentences

Play with these story cubes to construct your own sentences with details. 


I Have Who Has

Promote listening and responding skills in the game of I Have Who Has. 


Fine Motor

Trace or cut lines to the objects from the story. 

Follow the maze


Writing and Drawing

Draw your favorite part of the story. 



Writing Words

Spell you favorite words from the story. 




This story ties well into thematic units on spring, plants, and frogs. Check out these activities to use relating to the story themes. 









Find more thematic unit activities in the Sharing Center!


Have fun reading and playing together.