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Pete's A Pizza by William Steig

"Pete's a Pizza" by William Steig is a delightful picture book about a rainy day and a bored little boy named Pete. When Pete's father sees his son's disappointment, he decides to turn Pete into a pizza, playing along with the imaginative game. Through the process of "making" Pete into a pizza—tossing him in the air, adding "toppings" (pillows), and pretending to bake him in the oven—the father not only lifts Pete's spirits but also creates a joyful bonding experience. The story humorously illustrates the power of parental love and creativity in turning mundane moments into cherished memories.

Teachers and families can use this book to teach concepts of creativity and imagination, family playfulness, sequencing directions, cooking, changing your mood, and more. 



Discover new vocabulary in this fun story. 


Play I Have Who Has with the vocabulary


Or play a Bingo Game



Here are question cards to ask as you read or following the story. Show card and coices, and mask incorrect answers to simplify. Print 2 per page to make the cards smaller and place inside the book on corresponding pages. 


Open-ended questions lead to deeper discussions related to the story. 



This story has 2 sequences: real sequence of their pretend play and sequence of making pizza. Retell using this 2 line visual of both sequences. 

Sequence using these pizza-shaped cards. (reduce number to simplify)



Retell this story using props. 

Match the details of making a pizza with the role play actions from the story. 


Pretend Play

There are many pizza themed toys to add to a play center. Check out Melissa & Doug's Pizza set. Create tab & flap cards to ask about pizza toppings. 


Play Topple Pizza Game by Stormstar


Play Pizza Pizza and then creat your own yucky pizzas!




Make your own pizza.

Follow a recipe.


Questions after making a pizza. 


Read this book by Sara Morrison in the sharing center, highlight the past tense words with highlighter or wicky sticks, etc, then have the students write the past tense word to match the present tense word on the writing page.


or cut and paste to match the past tense with the present tense.




Write about your favorite part of the story or how to make your favorite pizza. 

Make your own Pizza


Fine Motor

Trace or cut the line to match the chef with their pizza. 


Make pizza lacing cards. 

Cut the pizzas. Here are 4 pizzas: halves, quarters, sixths, and eights. Put back together or mix up on to a paper plate. 



How many P's can you find on the cover? In the book? Let's learn more about the letter P. 


Mark the letter P's. 

What begins with P? 


Use a small toy car to drive on P street. Or use pom poms to glue onto a P. 


Can you write the letter P? 



Use pizza theme to teach math concepts. Match numbers to numerals in a memory or matching game. 

Count the pepperoni. 


Count the Pizzas

Write the fraction. 


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