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Story Activities for "The Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister

The Rainbow Fish is a beautifully illustrated story about a fish with sparkley scales who learns to share, and by sharing he learns real happiness of friends. 

Here are some activities and visuals to use with "The Rainbow Fish" story. 






Rainbow Fish is filled with rich vocabulary. You may talk about a few of the words prior to the story or ask about them in context while reading. 

Here are some of the rich words you may choose to discuss: shocked, scales, upset, dazzling, shimmering, admire, loneliest, find, beyond, deep, wise, glare, emerged, darkness, advise, disappeared, ink, touch, angry, peculiar, surrounded, glittering, delighted, filled, possession.




​Here are comprehension questions with 2 answer choices. 


Writing and Coloring






Posters about sharing


Stories about Sharing



AAC Supports

These Augmentative and Alternative Communication supports can be used with this fun story. 



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