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How I Became A Pirate

by Melinda Long

Aargh Pirates! This motivating theme provides a sneaky way to embed curriculum concepts in fun! "How I Became A Pirate" tells the tale of a boy named Jeremywho meets pirates while at the beach with his family. The pirates teach Jeremy how to be a pirate (and Jeremy teaches them how to play soccer). Check out this delightfully fun book with its incredible illustrations. 


sandcastle, slather, digger, manners, mouthful, vegetables, soccer, pajamas, lightning, yonder

This book contains a lot of "Pirate Talk" vocabulary for added fun. 

This book contains many idioms and pirate expressions that may be unfamiliar, especially for ELL population. Make a list of expressions as you read the book and discuss.

  • Minding my own business
  • Kept an eye on the pirates
  • Ahoy thare matey, be this the Spanish Main?
  • Shiver me timbers"
  • And a good one to boot
  • It's high time we're off
  • Down the hatch
  • Batton down the hatches
  • Up yonder pole


Comprehension Questions

Here are comprehension questions related to this story. 

Here are multiple choice questions with 2 pictures to choose. 

Using the LessonPix PowerPoint Download and Play Tools, you can ask questions about the story and find the answers in a Bingo Game. Here is a video showing the powerpoint activity and the 2 materials used to create it. 


Story Sequencing

This is a fun story for retelling and role playing. List and sequence the main story events in visuals to follow as you retell. 



Story Map

Story maps use graphic organizers to lay out story information in visuals ways. This helps students learn the elements of a story. There are many types. You can fill in a worksheet, arrange picture cards on chart paper, or organize symbols in a google slides presentaion. 




This book sparks the imagination into the world of pirates. Cosider story prompts for students to do their own pirate writing.

  • Where would you hide a treasure in your neighborhood? Make a play of where to bury a treasure and draw a map.
  • Draw yourself as a pirate
  • What would you like if you were a pirate? What would you miss?
  • Write a pirate song
  • Make a timeline of Jeremy's journey with the pirates.
  • If you were a pirate... Include your pirate name, your ship's name, your pet's name, 5 pirate friends
  • How would you spend the day with pirates?



Letter sound practice:



More Pirate Themed Fun

  • Hide treasure such as bead necklaces, rings, and coins in a sand box
  • Pirate obstacle course: include walking the plank (balance beam), shoot the cannon (throw ball at a target), swab the deck (use a broom or mop to clean the floors), etc.
  • Piate games such as Pop Up Pirate or TOMY Pirates Pile Up