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Story and Activities for 

Fox Makes Friends by Adam Relf

Fox Makes Friends is a adorable story by Adam Relf of woodland animals who learn how to make friends. Here are visuals and activities to use with this beautiful story.  


Story Vocabulary

Here are story vocabulary cards and a core board with fringe vocabulary for the story. Review specific vocabulary before you read or do a scavenger hunt in the book for each word after reading. 




Talk about the different characters in the book. How are they alike and different? 

Create puppets to retell or role play scenes from the book.




Sequence story details. What happened first, next and last? 

Follow the maze and meet each character in the story.


Alphabet Knowledge



Articulation- Final /KS/

Cut out circles and velcro onto milk or sports drink caps, hide a treat under a few and have the students practice the final /ks/ sound at the word, phrase or sentence level and/or in question form "Is it under the ___?" They can come up with their own word for a blank or leave the blanks out.









How to be a Friend Sorting

Simple activity to talk about friend characteristics and how some friends are still learning how to be a good friend. Also discuss how to support those learners as a peer.











Write the names of the characters in the story. 

Draw a picture of your favorite part of the story. 

Tell about how to make a friend. 

Write a letter to a friend. 

Write a poem about friendship. 


Art/Sensory - Make a Friend

Use various materials to "make" a friend like fox did in the book. Make it three dimensional or glue to a paper. 

For simpler project for young children, glue natural materials for hair, eyes, eyebrows, etc. on to this face. Write about your "new friend".



Social Skills - Be a Good Friend

Talk about and act out ways to be a good friend. 


Make or read books about how to make friends. 


Talk about how to be a good friend as you play a game. 


Have Fun and be a good friend!