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Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? by Bill Martin Jr.


"Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" is a beloved children's picture book written by Bill Martin Jr. and illustrated by Eric Carle. The story follows a series of animals and their colorful encounters as seen through the eyes of a brown bear. Each animal introduces the next one in line, creating a rhythmic and repetitive pattern that engages young readers. Through vibrant illustrations and simple text, the book encourages children to observe and identify colors and animals while fostering a sense of anticipation and participation. It's a timeless classic that delights and educates children around the world.

Here are some activities to use with thisi classic story.



Focus on specific vocabulary such as color words or animals. Here are some picture and word cards using vocabulary from the book. You can go on a word hunt in the story or display words on a word wall for use in reading and writing activities.

Play with the vocabulary in a bingo game.


Or play an Uno-style or Go Fish card game using vocabulary. 



Talk about the different characters in the story. Attach animal pictures to craft sticks to make puppets.


Describe the animals in the story using a describe this mat. 


Make name tags to role play characters or play a game of Headbands. 



Retelling and Sequencing

The rhythm and repetitive language make this story fun for memorizing and retelling. Provide visuals to support retelling and sequencing.  


Create your own simplified versions of the book. 


Learning Colors

Use this fun story with lessons to teach colors names 


Create your own coloring book - color using a variety of materials such as paint samples, bingo daubers, feathers, paint sticks, watercolors, stickers, etc. 


Make your own color question sheet. 


Fine Motor

Cut out your own cards to use with this story. 


Make your own lacing cards using vocabulary from the story. 

Connect the animals to what they see by tracing the line. For added fun, try tracing the line using different mediums such as wiggle pens, wiki sticks, paint sticks, or glitter glue. 



Cut sentence strips. Have students complete the sentence and add their own ideas. Display for easy rereading. 

 What was your favorite thing in the story? 



Alphabet Knowledge

Decorate the letter B. Try using a variety of things to decorate such as beads, balls, buttons, fur, feathers, puffy paint, bingo dauber, stickers, etc. 


What makes a B sound? 

B Books


Core Vocabulary

Create a fringe vocaubulary board to use with low-tech AAC core vocabulary boards. Learn more about core vocabulary here


Or make a custom core vocabulary board. 

Use with low tech devices such as a GoTalk9


High Contrast Pictures

High Contrast pictures support students with visual impairments. Learn more about high contrast symbols here.



Have fun reading and playing together!